OS X Quick Tip: Instant EPS to PDF with Preview

quicktip.jpgIf you’re graphic designer, chances are you use EPS files quite a bit. The only problem with EPS files is that most of your clients probably don’t know what they are, or have the necessary applications to open them. So, you probably do a lot of converting to PDF or JPEG or whatever other format you like to send out so they can see the artwork they’re paying for.

If you send PDFs there is a very simple way to convert your EPS files to PDF without having to load a monster program like Adobe Illustrator.

If you open your EPS file in Preview it will automatically convert your EPS file to PDF on the fly. Simply choose “Save” from the File menu, and it will save your file as a PDF.

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  1. Good tip, however Preview’s EPS to PDF conversion process seems to take longer than just opening the file with Adobe Illustrator.

    But it’s important for every Mac user to realize the power of Preview’s conversion capabilities.