OS X Quick Tip: Add Google Talk to iChat

In a post yesterday about Google Talk being added to iChat 4.0, a reader named Mark pointed out that you can actually already do this in current versions of iChat via Jabber.

Simply select Jabber Account when you are setting up the account.

Enter talk.google.com as the server, and your gmail address as the username.

But keep in mind that the actual “Talk” portion of Google Talk does not work this way. It is text only.

Hopefully the new release of iChat will include full Google Talk support, with audio.

Apple Gazette Team
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  1. Does this mean I can use my iChat with my .Mac account to access (text only) Googlers using Talk?

  2. Can someone help me… I cannot get google talk to work on my ichat. I tried jabber AND google talk… It shows I am available however it does not allow me to send messages… Keeps crashing or opening an empty dialogue box.