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15.jpgThink Secret has a new set of screenshots from Apple’s upcoming OS.

Among the screenshots are a look at the terminal window with tabs, some of the new screensavers in Leopard, and the new icons for X11 and the Terminal.

Think Secret is also still holding tight to the idea that Leopard will be released towards the end of March, although they admit that the latest build of Leopard is still pretty buggy.

I’ll be surprised if we see Leopard as quickly as the end of next month, based on what I’ve seen and heard about the current state of the OS. Hopefully Apple will take their time here, and release a stable, visually impressive, update to Tiger, and not jump out of the gate before they’re ready.

Check out the gallery here.

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4 thoughts on “New Leopard Screenshots

  1. I agree with Phil. Also, I don’t believe the X11 icon and terminal icon for a second. Apple are phasing out the ‘striped’ thing, so that shouldn’t be part of the terminal icon design. And all that gold flurry type stuff on the X11 icon? WHAT? If Steve can say ‘Yuck’ to using a stylus, I’m sure a ‘Yuck’ is in order for that.

  2. has there ever been anything more interesting than dull terminal and x11 shots (i mean, c’mon, those are not exactly the heart and soul of osx… at least not in my daily work) and a couple preference panes?


  3. This build is old (jan 17) i don’t know why Thinksecret has to show these again…..There hasn’t been a new build to ADC members since this one…My guess is they are holding something back…its unlike the other Beta release scheds like they had for Tiger..

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