Keeping Your Mac Laptop Asleep When You Open the Lid

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Being ambidextrous (both a Windows and Mac user–okay, I just invented that), there are features and functionalities on either platform that I sometimes wish I could have across both. For instance, on my Windows laptop, I can control whether the machine sleeps when I close the lid. I usually choose to turn this off so I can easily transport the computer across rooms without suspending (and it takes an awful amount of time for Windows computers to go into sleep mode). And I can do that easily, thru the power management settings in Control Panel.

I don’t find the need to do this on my PowerBook, though, since going to sleep and waking up take only a couple of seconds. Also, there is no item in Energy Saver for this setting. But in case there are instances when you would rather not have your laptop wake up when you open the lid (or when the lids gets opened accidentally), here’s a command you can run on your terminal.

sudo pmset lidwake 0

You need to enter your root password, as this is an SU command.

Should you wish to revert back, just replace 0 with 1.

This can be particularly useful if you have a broken latch and your laptop keeps waking up when being transported in your bag, which can lead to overheating and, of course, a flat battery. I should know, my PowerBook kind of turned on by itself in my bag once and got so hot I panicked!

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