20 Useful OS X Tips for Switchers or Beginners

Apple Matters posts 20 useful tips for using OS X. Experienced Mac users might scoff at these tips, but these might prove to be useful to recent switchers or new Mac users. Hey, some experienced users might be overlooking some functionalities listed here. They’re nothing drastic, but the simple tips might prove to be useful and practical, especially if you want to maximize your OS X experience, but don’t have time to browse through the long list of shortcut keys, or long guides and such.

For example:

  • When menus are selected, press the option key to reveal alternative functions. Eg In the File menu of Finder, the Get Info item becomes Show Inspector which is like a context sensitive info pane.
  • Macs with remote controls can be put to sleep by holding down the play button on the remote.
  • Press Command-Q to close applications when command-tabbing. This is possibly the fastest way you’ll find to close several applications in quick succession.
  • Pressing the Tab key in Exposé cycles through open applications.

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