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Here it is, our big wrap up of Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at WWDC 10. This is going to be written as it goes, with more formal posts in the coming days to discuss the nuances of the big reveal(s).

*iBooks for iPad – Update to the app. Table of contents will display bookmarks and notes, and you can view and read PDFs. New bookmarks also (Thank god). There’s a bookshelf for PDFs as well. All available later this month.

*Netflix announced for iPhone. Neat.

*Farmville coming for iPhone. Oh good, another thing I can ignore. I hate seeing Farmville updates on Facebook, thank god I can turn them off.

*5 billion downloads from App store. $1 billion paid to developers. Crazy.


  • Named iPhone 4 (Not iPhone HD as rumored, although that’s not shocking).
  • Looks like the Gizmodo version, but with black sides instead of aluminum.
  • Compared to a Leica camera – Glass on front and back, steel on the sides.
  • 24% thinner than iPhone 3GS, 9.33mm thick.
  • Front facing camera, Rear camera + LED Flash.
  • Noise cancellation mike up top.
  • Reference to the seams: They’re all for the antennas. Antenna integrated into structure of the iPhone itself.
  • 4X the pixel density – called Retina display. Substantially sharper, although the demo looks a bit darker.
  • 960X640 display (I’m surprised they’re not referring to this as HD.) 3.5 inches.
  • Same IPS technology as is found in the iPad.
  • Runs A4 processor found in iPad.
  • Micro-Sim tray added for extra space.
  • Bigger battery, 40% more talk time. 7 hrs of 3G talking, 6 hrs of 3G browsing, 10 hrs of Wi-Fi browsing.
  • GPS, compass, accelerometer.
  • 32GB of storage.
  • Added a 3-axis gyro for 6-axis motion sensing with accelerometer. Apparently, it’s great for gaming. I hate games that use the accelerometer, so that doesn’t matter much to me.
  • Camera system:  5MP camera with a backside illuminated sensor. Better for low-light photography. 5X digital zoom. LED Flash.
  • Camera records HD video. Damn, I shouldn’t have bought that Flip.
  • iMovie for iPhone released. I’ve got this video project I’ve been working on. I wonder if I could do a multi-camera shoot with two iPhones.
  • iMovie looks pretty cool, with transitions built in, inserting pics, etc. I imagine this would be better on an iPad, but I’ll use it on the phone.
  • $4.99 for iMovie
  • iPhone OS name change: iOS 4 – Golden master of OS goes out today, will be released “soon.”
  • Google, Yahoo and Bing are all in Search preferences.
  • iBooks for iPhone: Download book on iPad, you can download it to the iPhone for no additional charge. Only buy once. Syncs together with other platform as well. All the same features as iBooks for iPad.
  • iAd: Made to help developers sell apps. Also labelled in the corner to show that it’s an official Apple iAd. Neat, but then again, I’m not an ad guy. Comes out July 1.
  • Video chatting – Steve’s “One more thing.” Make a video call on the iPhone. It’s called FaceTime, and it’s available on the regular screen. Looks like the future. Looks like you can switch the camera around as well to shoot from the other lens. Wi-fi only for now.
  • Comes in black and white. $299 for 32GB, $199 for 16GB.
  • On sale June 24th. Preorder goes up June 15th.
  • iOS 4 out June 21st. Free on iPod Touch as well.

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3 thoughts on “WWDC Wrap Up

  1. “960X640 display (I’m surprised they’re not referring to this as HD.)”
    Probably wise. 720p is generally the baseline for referring to anything as HD-capable. According to Wikipedia: “The majority of countries using PAL have television standards with 625 (576 active) lines and 25 frames per second.” That gives the iPhone 4 only slightly more vertical resolution than SD.

  2. it doesn’t have Black Sides…it has Aluminum it was the camera angle and lighting that gave that look…check the apple.com/iPhone page to see what it looks like for real

  3. you also forgot to add…that the 3GS will be in an 8GB size instead of the 16 & 32 that it comes in now for $99

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