Windows Takes Potshots at Macs [Cue: Snort]

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There is little love lost between Windows and Mac – if any at all – but it usually Samsung that takes potshots at Apple iPhones. This time around, it’s Microsoft that’s doing the mudslinging, although I admit that might be too strong a term. (Although I think I missed a few Microsoft-released videos in the past that also hit out at Apple.)
In a new ad, Microsoft highlights a bride-to-be who is sparing no expense in making sure her wedding is perfect. Of course, the wedding day is the most important day in one’s life (at least for many people), and the bride (and groom) deserve only the best.

And, of course, a woman planning her wedding can only do her “job” in the best way possible if she/he has a touchscreen computer. Otherwise, it will all be a disaster – and we can’t have that, can we?

Here’s a little something to get your blood flowing today.

“Honestly, I was gonna get a Mac. but Macs still don’t have touchscreens, so we got a new Windows all-in-one…” says the bride-to-be. I don’t know if you agree with me, but she would probably have found so much more worthwhile (wedding-related) things to spend on.

Just like Microsoft could have spent a little more on finding creatives who could come up with an ad that could be described as “beautiful” at least.

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