Why Would The iPad Have a 1 Megapixel Camera?

The newest Beta release of iOS 4.3 has some very concrete details on what will be included in the next generation iPad. While there has been a debate on major details such as screen resolution and video output, we can pin down some of the iPad 2’s specs.

The folks at 9 to 5 Mac dug through through files and folders in the latest iOS Beta release and found something interesting: the next generation iPad will have the same cameras as the iPod Touch. This means the front facing camera will be the same 0.3 MP camera that’s on the iPhone iPod Touch but will include a 1 MP rear facing camera.

9 to 5 Mac found a mention of a 1 Megapixel camera in the AVCapture.plist

The preferences file list was found in a folder titled K94 which is purportedly the code name for the next generation iPad. Also of note in the inclusion of a folder titled “K95″, whether this is a shipping iPad model or an improvement to the ‘K94” model is unknown.

A rear facing camera on the iPad might not be your first choice for photography but TUAW thinks it would be great augmented reality Apps that spawned on the iPhone. Using the iPad for scanning barcodes during inventory or event with augmented reality Apps doesn’t require a high resolution camera.

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