White iPhone could be delayed by camera issues says Wozniak

The white iPhone 4 has a spotty history. Announced alongside its black counterpart at WWDC 2010, the white iPhone never made it to retail channels. Plagued by delays a third party market sprang up over night offering users a conversion kit to swap the black glass with white. While evidence pinpoints to a coming launch, Steve Wozniak thinks the delays have been caused by issues with the camera.

Wozniak made a guest appearance on the Engadget Show last night and confirmed a much talked about rumor: the white paint used on the iPhone 4 lets too much light seep through when the flash is used. Wozniak was able to confirm this when he bought parts meant for a white iPhone 4.

The white iPhone 4 has a vague launch date of Spring 2011 but Apple hasn’t made any announcement of when it will be available or made any comment on issues delaying the phone from being sold.

Apple Gazette Team
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