What is “MacbookAir” doing on Adium’s stats?

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This is quite odd – for some reason in the Adium stats that you can see right here a device called “MacbookAir” appears.

You can see the image of it above, to see it on the stats page you’ll have to scroll down a bit -but its there.

So, is that confirmation that a “Macbook Air” device is coming on Tuesday? I don’t know, but it sure it interesting…

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18 thoughts on “What is “MacbookAir” doing on Adium’s stats?

  1. Interesting. I see several people are using generic PCs and over 500 are still using ADP (the Developer Transition Kit, which were supposed to be returned to Apple in June 2006).

  2. Seems like it would be really easy to spoof that in your browser user-agent. I get people using everything from an Atari 2600 to an Apple II in my blog stats.

  3. What about the Macworld motto or whatever you want to call it this year “There’s Something in the Air” It could be the sub-notebook everyone is talking about who knows but what I want to know is how would Adium know about it?

  4. “MacBook Air”? as in, it’s light as air, or what? or wait, hey! maybe it’s got built-in wifi! oh, we already have that in every mac? damn.

    kinda gay name, but i guess we should wait what it’s all about first. as to the “mac os x 10.6” entry: naturally there’s at least one future os x version in development… but i’m surprised they’re already running adium on that.

  5. Seems like the most unlikely products turn out to be true these days for Apple, ala the iPod “there’s no way Apple would design something so ugly” nano’s…

    People like to take a stab at the tablet thing again, I see. If it does get released, people will be saying, “see, I told you so!” I guess if you predict something for every year for the past 10 years, then obviously you’ll be right eventually…

  6. How about my idea here? I mean the Kindle killer.

    Maybe it is the Kindle killer, but not with the iBook name…..
    How about the “airBook” instead of the MacbookAir?
    BTW, how can Adium know the new name?
    MacbookAir doesn’t sound appealing anyway. 🙂

    So, an airBook with WiFi, iTunes, iChat etc. a BIG iPhone. 🙂

  7. Has it occurred to anyone that, if there is no optical drive, and if there is no fan, and if they can replace the hard disk with a flash disk (albeit a smaller one), then they would have a world first: a laptop with NO MOVING PARTS!

    But I guess that flash memory is still too expensive. What I’d really like to see, though, is the Apple TV 2 becoming the new media hub of the home. With wireless router and Bluray DVD and DVR, plus iTunes movie rentals and all the other good stuff.

  8. ^ Adam, you took the words out of my mouth for the AppleTV 2. I’ve been hoping for quite some time that Apple would take the same idea of the iPhone (combining all your pocket gadgets into 1) Take all your living room gadgets and make them into 1. DVR, Blu Ray player or at least a dvd player. Make it the one box you need and get rid of the rest.

  9. @adam well since the asus eeepc ( which is a laptop ) h as no moving parts apple would say they made the first but in real life they would have made they second or more like third after olpc

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