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It just never ends, does it?

From #BendGate to #CresentGate, Apple users have found issues with their devices. I am surprised there’s no “gate” for frayed cables, actually. Or is there?

In any case, there seems to be new Apple issue, this time with the Apple Watch, and it’s already being labeled as #LogoGate.

The Consumerist reported that some users are complaining about the Apple logo located at the back of their Watches wearing off.

Users have taken to Apple forums and Reddit to share their #LogoGate experience.

logogate apple watch

This from user dougie70w:

I have had this unit since June 5th and the band started to peel part so bad that I replaced it with an after market metal band that I purchaced on Amazon. I have an appointment at the new haven location 8/19/15 today . I hope I can be assisted with this matter and I also have apple care . But hope there isnt a claim today because I see a number of Apple watches with the same peeling problem.

On Reddit, this is what we find.


This is a new issue, and we don’t know the details from Apple, but we can expect it to be the talk of gadget town.

I think that it could be a manufacturing defect, or it could just be that some people’s sweat are more toxic than others.

Funniest BendGate Tweets

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