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We know that CarPlay is on its way, and it is just one of the exciting things that Apple has lined up for consumers. SlashGear’s Chris Davies has been a very lucky guy, as he was able to play with different cars – with giving CarPlay a test run in mind.

The same publication goes as far as to say that “Apple’s push to put iOS and Siri in the dashboard could be one of the most significant plays from the Cupertino firm since the iPhone itself.

So is CarPlay the next big thing from Apple? We’ll know soon enough, but in the meantime, Davies went ahead and saw how CarPlay actually works in Chevrolet’s latest Spark EV, and a beautiful classic Mustang – aside from the Ferrari.

Basically, CarPlay works as a “video-out to the dashboard display”, and it has the capability to give the car back its own controls (via good old button pressing). With Apple’s own software installed, it is natural to expect something extra that will take the car experience to a different level. And, you can still use your iPhone the same way you would if it weren’t plugged in to the dashboard: read social media news, tweet what you’re doing, or send iMessages – when you’re not driving, of course.

After seeing this video, even though you may not have been that excited about CarPlay, you just might change your mind.

Read the whole experience and verdict here.

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