VIDEO New ‘Get a Mac’ Ads – Pizza Box, Throne, and Calming Teas now online

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Apple has posted the latest round of “Get a Mac” Ads and I have to say, all three of them are pretty great. Normally I’d pop in here with a comment about how I’d rather them tell us what a Mac can do than what Vista can’t do – I just can’t help it this time. All three of these are well done, funny, and provide a much needed shot in the arm to this ad campaign.

It’s hard to believe these ads have been running since 2006. The last few batches have left me hoping to see something better…and this batch delivers it in spades.

In Pizza Box PC is hiding inside a box of pizza to try and attract college kids, in Throne PC is tooting his own horn until Mac points out that an Apple Genius will gladly switch over all your files from your PC to your new Mac for free at an Apple Store, and finally Calming Teas shows us the new line of relaxing teas that PC has created to ward off “Vista Anxiety”.

All in all, a great “Get a Mac” update. You can check them all out on Apple’s site right here.

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