VIDEO: Apple posts the GREATEST “Get a Mac” Ads yet!

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I’ve always been a big fan of the “Get a Mac” ads – and sometimes I gripe about them focusing on Vista’s problems, but after Microsoft’s recent advertising “attack” on John Hodgman’s “PC” – I was curious as to how they would respond…and they did it in the best possible way….


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4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Apple posts the GREATEST “Get a Mac” Ads yet!

  1. These ad’s are great but I really do miss the days when they just highlighted all the things that macs could do. Now they’ve kinda became “campaign ads”, attacking the other candidate.
    As if we didn’t have enough of that already.

  2. thats ok…they are hilarious as can be

    LOVE the new ads…bring out some more…


    and everybody knows it!!!

    no problem pointing it out now and then…i think the ads are going in the right direction
    because for every ad that slams PC’s there are at least a couple that shout out the greatness of a Mac

  3. Funny. I like how they brought the amount they spend on advertising into the picture. Granted Apple likely spends a hell of a lot too, Microsoft seems to be pissing it away.

  4. It’s amusing that a post on a Windows blog (Paul Thurrott’s) reads “It’s Official: Apple Jumps the Shark.”

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