Twitter Reacts to Beats 1 Radio

So the much talked about Apple Music is out, as well as Beats 1 Radio.

Everyone can now try out Apple Music for free, and listen to Beats 1 Radio wherever in the world they may be.

Beats 1 Radio is what it says on the tin: a radio show not much different from what we used to listen to back in the day when the iPhone was still but an idea (maybe not even then). Beats 1 is hosted by Ebro Darden, Julie Adenuga, and Zane Lowe from New York, London, and Los Angeles.

So how are they doing? We took a look at Twitter to see what people are saying, and just as expected, the reactions are mixed. There are quite a lot of happy people it seems.

Here, take a look.

This guy proclaims his love for Beats 1 by deleting Spotify. That’s a quick shift!

This guy is on the fence, though.

I bet this next guy is a fanboy!

What does TNW think? Here.

Some think Beats 1 is too “rough” and not yet ready.

Can’t really blame him, though. With an outage occurring on the launch day, it’s a pretty rocky start. In other words, MEH. And that’s what Cult of Mac has to say as well.

It seems the irritating ads are not going anywhere.

Follow @Beats1.

What about you? Have you tuned in? What do you have to say about Beats 1?

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