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Steve Jobs comic book from Bluewater Productions

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Steve Jobs comic book from Bluewater Productions

First there was the authorized biography. Then we got the eerily realistic action figure. A gazillion self-published, cheapo ebooks about the supposed inner workings of his mind. Now, there’s actually a Steve Jobs comic book.

Bluewater Productions, a comic book publisher that specializes in rags based on real-life figures (along with a line of fiction-based comics) bio-ing everyone from Jon Stewart to Taylor Swift, has just published Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple. The 40-page tome claims to give you “the inside scoop on what drives [drove?] him to create and where his first need for intelligence came from.”

(What the heck is a “need for intelligence,” anyway?)

Presumably the book gives you a quick overview of his life and accomplishments, mixing in some “troubled soul” descriptions along the way. I haven’t seen any of the interior art or writing, but the cover art makes him look constipated.

I’m trying to find a way to be generous here, to give Bluewater the benefit of the doubt. I don’t want to dislike them. But like everything else that’s been produced so quickly after Jobs’ death, this reeks of cashing in.

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3 thoughts on “This Is Getting Out of Hand

  1. This was put together months before his death (Our distribution company makes us do stuff 4 months in advance). We thought he was an interesting subject and how this man changed the world. We held the book back a couple months because of his death.

    These biographies are not only for the collector, but are taught in some schools. I was a reluctant reader and comic books helped my reading skills.

    We take what we do serious. It is not a hack job to make a quick buck. You should of done your research or contacted us for more info.

    Thanks for the nod.

    Darren Davis
    Bluewater Productions

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