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Steve Jobs Promotes Organ Donor Program

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Just one year ago, Steve Jobs had a liver transplant, prolonging the life of a man that most people feel is solely responsible for changing the Apple world as we know it. For a long time there, we weren’t sure what was happening to him, or if he was even going to survive much longer, and now everything seems to be going well. This gift of life hasn’t been lost on Steve, so the other day, he spoke out about California Bill SB 1395. What’s that you ask? ZDNet has the answer:

Marking the one year anniversary of receiving his liver transplant, Steve Jobs made an appearance at the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to unveil California Bill SB 1395. The new bill which requires the DMV to ask you if you’d like to be an organ donor. It also allows you to check a special box on the DMV registration/renewal forms to donate your organs, rather than the current system which requires filling out a separate form.

I have a personal connection to the organ donor program myself. My little sister had multiple problems and was about to go through a heart valve transplant just a few weeks prior to her passing in 2007. Because of her health conditions, the day I got my license was the day I signed up as an organ donor, because I knew that if I died, I could help save someone like her. It was real easy in Arizona – the state where I live – but in California, it’s apparently a bit of a process. Getting that fixed is a good thing for everyone and I hope it goes through.

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One thought on “Steve Jobs Promotes Organ Donor Program

  1. Thanks Kevin for posting this. I too live in AZ and have heard that now days you have to register with the AZ Donor registry and they no longer use the checkbox on your ID as proof you are an organ donor. I was told this by someone who was working the Donate Life AZ booth who was a recipient of an organ transplant.

    I am lucky to be the recipient of someone’s ACL tendon. Which isn’t a life or death situation, but to be able to be physically active again is to me, a miracle, and I would like to find out who’s tendon it was and thank their family for their loved one’s gift.

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