Steve Jobs: MobileMe To Get Better Next Year

MobileMe has been the subject of criticism for its previous stability issues, lack of new features and annual fee. Justifying the cost for MobileMe became harder when Apple’s Find My iPhone service – one of the main selling points of the online service – went free. However, Steve Jobs is looking to improve MobileMe.

A concerned MacRumors emailed Steve Jobs about his dissatisfaction of MobileMe stating problems others had (including me) spanning from syncing issues to unreliability. His response below:

I love my iPad and iPhone4 and am a huge fan of yours and all that Apple does. I desperately want to stay inside of Apple’e [sic] ecosystem as much as possible.

However, MobileMe is making it very difficult for me to do so. Unreliable/unpredictable syncing, creating duplicate entries (sometimes scores of them), etc. It’s almost unusable.

And I know from forums (including Apple’s own support boards) that I am not the only one experiencing these very real and frustrating problems.

Please tell me it will get better, and soon?

Steve Jobs replied with his typical short and almost cryptic response.

Yes, it will get a lot better in 2011.

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Steve’s email lacks any sold dates or what Apple will do to improve MobileMe. The one thing Apple needs to do is make MobileMe free as so many free alternatives exist such as Google Sync and Dropbox for file storage in the cloud

that beat Apple’s online service. In the mean time, MobileMe needs its occasional syncing and unreliability issues fixed.

Kokou Adzo

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