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Spam emails are a major pain. Not only do they make you have to sort through emails and doubly the validity of real, honest emails, they carry viruses, tricks, and phishing scams that can trick the best of us. For both your computer and your own safety, a program built solely to fight spam is the best solution, and SPAMFighter is built to do just that.

I tested SPAMFighter out for a week to see how it works and the results were overall good.

Spam Fighter Features


The biggest feature of SPAMFighter is its simplicity. Once you install it and allow it to access on your Mac, the rest of the work is done behind the scenes. There’s basically no configuration needed from you, the user. Just set it and forget it. SPAMFighter will live in the menu bar, giving you quick access to your account and to the few settings there are.

SPAMFighter does give you the ability to set the sensitivity of the filter, which basically tells how testy it should get with questionable emails. It’s best to leave this set to medium until you get the hang of the application. Set to “Very hard” will block just about anything that isn’t from your address book and sent directly to you.


Along with the standard spam filtering, SPAMFighter offers filters as well. In the Filters tab of the settings, you get both a whitelist for emails you never want filtered, and a black list for emails you never want to see. Both the white and black lists can be great for family emails, if you catch my drift. Along with these comes a language filter. You can automatically filter out any email that comes in a specific language, cutting down on foreign spam totally.



My overall impression of SPAMFighter is a good one. It’s always hard to get an impression of an application that’s meant to run in the background and be totally unobtrusive, but this one does a great job. Most people think of spam as those offers to help a foreign prince bring his money to the US, or fake banking emails, but in truth, mailing lists can be spam, as well as emails from sites you’ve unsubscribed from or cancelled membership to. SPAMFighter is smart enough to see these for what they are, and in my week of use, does a great job of it.

A one-year subscription to SPAMFighter costs $19.99 on the SPAMFighter website. This does seem a little high, but for the level of protection offered, it still seems fair. The fact that it is purported to catch 99.5% of ALL spam emails makes the price seem far more reasonable, too.

The Giveaway


We at Apple Gazette like SPAMFighter so much that just like FULL-DISCFighter we have ten copies to give away. Each copy is good for a one-year subscription to the SPAMFighter service. Check out the information below to enter.

The contest will run until November14th, 2013. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this article telling us the silliest piece of spam you can remember receiving. You can gain extra entries by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.
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Overall, SPAMFighter is an awesome application that helps solve a real problem with email today. With phishing, 419 scams, fake pharmacy emails, and sexually-themed emails out there, SPAMFighter can not only protect you and your data, but can keep kids from stumbling onto emails they shouldn’t see.

Enter to win one of ten copies above and try it out for yourself!


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