Get Ready to Sell Your iPhone 6 for the Upcoming iPhone

sell iphone 6

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Sick of all the news, rumors, and predictions about the new iPhone(s)? Do you just want the day to come when you can get your hands on one? You’re certainly not alone. In fact, you’re just a drop in the ocean of Apple lovers.

There are, however, those who are lucky to be able to afford every new iPhone that comes out without a second thought about money. Then there are others (like yours truly) who simply can’t go there.

So, we either wait or sell.

If you can’t wait (and you can’t be blamed for that), better get ready to sell your iPhone 6 while you can fetch a nice sum for it.

There are already established sites which buy used electronics and pay cold cash for them. The price depends on several factors, mainly the condition of the device.

If you want to sell your iPhone 6 now-ish, though, the chances are that it still is in good condition (unless you’re a clumsy oaf or just plain careless), so you’re likely to get a good price and make buying the new iPhone easier money-wise.

Before you sell: How to Prepare an iPhone for Sale

sell iphone 6

Awesome tip from Apple Insider: go to, and take advantage of their Best Price Guarantee. You can read all the fine print from the site. Make sure you do, since the promo is for a limited time and there are some details that may not be immediately clear. Example:

We’re only guaranteeing that we’ll beat the price you’ll get at your carrier or Apple. Meaning, if you have an AT&T iPhone, we’ll make sure you get a price better than AT&T is offering. If you have an AT&T iPhone, but you can get a better price at T-Mobile, we will not be guaranteeing that price.

We also will not be guaranteeing against prices from online competitors such as,, or others. This offer is only valid for prices at AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon or Apple.

Still, with the promo, you can get up to $450 cash for your iPhone. If that ain’t a sweet deal, then I don’t know what is. (Okay, a free iPhone maybe.)


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