RUMORS: Apple Music Label and iPhone Copy and Paste

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Well it’s pretty much inevitable that between now and Macworld we’re going to see a ton of rumors from “reliable sources” with all kinds of crazy speculation. On today’s list, we have one pretty crazy rumor, and another that seems so long over due that it should already be real.

First up the rumor that Apple is starting their own music label with Jay-Z (who is stepping down as CEO of Def Jam Records) has surfaced again. This rumor popped up last year and didn’t really go anywhere, but it seems to have started up again via Boy Genius Report. They claim to have all but confirmed it through a source close to Jay-Z. There are a ton of reasons I think this would be a bad move for Apple, but I’ll reserve that list until we find out if there is actually any truth to this or not at Macworld.

The other rumor of the day is coming from MacScoop who claims that the version of the iPhone 1.1.3 software that GearLive obtained isn’t final, and that it will contain the much wanted “copy and paste” feature and potentially more. This information comes from a source they “obtained” but there is absolutely nothing that I can see that gives their rumor any credibility other than their own track record – which I know nothing about since this is the first time I’ve ever seen the site.

I do, however, sincerely hope that we do get a “cut and paste” feature for the iPhone since it is long over due, and something that I feel should have been included at launch.

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4 thoughts on “RUMORS: Apple Music Label and iPhone Copy and Paste

  1. An Apple music label would be a genius idea, especially if it revolved around a digital distribution method instead of shipping physically cd’s as thats were most of the labels costs go.

    With digital music taking off and music sales constantly plummeting it only makes sense to get out of the current business and move into one thats more digital oriented and who better than Apple knows the digital music business. I think they could be extremely successful in it, especially if they open the flood gates for more independent artists that can’t afford a major record label let alone have cd’s pressed and shipped.

    The only part that concerns me is the whole Jay-Z part. If he is included in it, I hope they don’t get him much control over how the label is run.

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