RUMOR: Slimmer iMacs coming at some point in the future

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I noticed a lot of odd incoming links today from Engadget and others to the Apple Rumor Generator that I created a short time ago, and I was curious as to why that was happening…well, after reading the rumor from Apple Insider, I can see why people are pointing to the ole generator…

…”people familiar with the situation” state that the 3 year old iMac is due for a “substantial facelift.” The new “slimmer and sleeker” iMacs will “cut the fat” of previous models with “striking new industrial designs.”…

In other news…the sun will come up tomorrow.

If this rumor was anymore generic it would say “At some point in the future, the current designs of the current systems will be replaced with new designs that are slimmer and nice to look at.”

Give me a break…

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7 thoughts on “RUMOR: Slimmer iMacs coming at some point in the future

  1. Wow this is incredible!

    I have heard a few rumors too:

    RUMOR: iMacs with bigger hard drives coming at some point in the future
    RUMOR: iMacs with faster processors coming at some point in the future
    RUMOR: iMacs with new features coming at some point in the future

    Do you think these might happen?

  2. Dear Sweet Phillip!

    David you HAVE to tell me who your sources are on these GROUND BREAKING rumors!!!!!

    This could blow the entire Mac rumor division of blogging out of the water!!!

    I can’t wait to see these things at some undetermined point in the future!!!!

  3. Mike-
    are you alittle frustrated with something lately. because your posts about the apple tv being a dvr, and this recent rumor seem a little heated. hey I heard that apple is going to team up with at&t to incorporate the iphone into at&ts u-verse box for voip calling and other things. jj but that would be cool. quit being so crabby. it’s bad enough I have to wait around for another apple announcement.


  4. John –

    Not really. It’s just that two things that really frustrate me happened at the same time. I take the idea of telling people where to put their money for their retirement very seriously…guys my age (and probably your age unless you’re already retired) aren’t going to have very much help in the retirement area from Social Security, and I get a little miffed when people start pulling things out of their butt that are supposed to authorities on these kinds of things.

    I also get tired of these non-rumors coming out. I just want to tell these people…if there are no rumors…it’s ok. There will be new rumors soon. Don’t waste our time with a full page article that doesn’t tell us anything. I’d rather read what their opinions are (whatever they may be) than read a page long “article” that tells us something is going to happen sometime in the future…maybe.

    you know?

  5. I wouldn’t say its a garbage rumor, but its nice to hear that the next models might be getting a design overhaul instead of a hardware upgrade only. Just more reason for me to wait before I purchase my next 24″ iMac.

  6. Most of the buzz around the rumorsphere was about the Mac Pro and the notebooks getting redesigned, so in that sense this rumor has some meat on it. The current iMac is such an iconic, slim box that any rumor of a significant redesign – especially one as early as Leopard release date – gets my interest. Not every report has to quote numbers and specs – marking a direction Apple might take in their computer development seems important to me.

    You might as well say that all rumors claim that something is going to happen in the future, maybe. of course – that’s what differentiates them from PR.

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