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Steve Jobs wins even after death: Adobe kills Flash for Mobile

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A video of Steve at the 2010 D8 conference elaborating on why he doesn’t like Flash.

It seems like Steve’s reality distortion field is still functioning, even from the grave. Adobe announced today that it is killing Flash for future devices allowing HTML5 to win. Steve was violently opposed to Flash saying how it was an old piece of technology that deserved to be shelved. At that time however, there was nothing in the industry that could adequately replace it, especially since Flash is being used to power Youtube, the most popular video site on the web today.

Then came HTML5 and how quickly did the other browsers come to support it. HTML5 was an amazing piece of work allowing developers to mimic everything flash could do AND search friendly. The problem with flash based websites was that these animations were really not optimized for search.

So what is Adobe focusing on? From their blog, the company is relinquishing Adobe Flash on mobile devices and instead working on helping developers package their products into Adobe AIR and bring them straight to the different application stores for Android, Apple and Blackberry. Additionally they are working to innovate in the HTML5 space.

So yes, Flash is truly on its way out with this last generation of devices. In fact I pity the BlackBerry Playbook the most as their main selling point was that you could play Farmville while on Facebook. The argument is actually moot as Zynga is looking to invest into HTML5 but it seems to be a long painful road to get there.

At face value there really is nothing to be alarmed about. Adobe doesn’t seem to be in too much trouble as it’s merely looking to focus on their AIR product. What’s making this news bit intriguing is really the fact that Steve was passionately against Flash in an industry that really forced it to stay.

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