RUMOR: New Macbook Pros Tomorrow?

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product-15in.jpgMacrumors believes we will see new Macbook Pros as early as tomorrow, June 5th, 2007. They also have a really good point to back it up. My initial thought is why on earth would Apple do that a week before WWDC?

That’s exactly the question that Macrumors answers by bringing up the Educational Back to School Program which starts this week. If Apple waits a week to announce new Macbook Pros, then they will be changing the Macbook Pro specs a week into the promotion…and that’s probably not a good idea.

I’m not 100% sure we’ll see them tomorrow, but it is definitely leaning that way…

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2 thoughts on “RUMOR: New Macbook Pros Tomorrow?

  1. While I got a great deal on my machine, I hope it is not yet that they release the new ones. Cause if its as big of a jump as the MB’s took, I will cry.

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