RUMOR: Apple to introduce Sub-Notebook at WWDC?

macbook-blkwht2.pngWell, the rumors took about a week off, and now they’re back in full swing. The latest comes from a very long winded article from Apple Insider. After a full history lesson on the Powerbook’s compact entries into the market place that was the 90s, Apple Insider goes on to reveal that Jobs and Co will be introducing a new sub-notebook this year.

The ever trust worthy “people familiar with the project” say it has a launch date scheduled for “around WWDC” this year. Those people don’t devulge just how small the device will actually be, but they do say that it will be without an optical disk drive, and feature onboard NAND flash.

Apparently this little device is being brought into the world to light a fire under the Japanese market that seem to enjoy this type of computer.

Until we get more solid information on this device, this one is still heavily marked RUMOR, and we’ll know more as we get closer to WWDC I’m sure.

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