Reactions to the iOS 9 Font – San Francisco

new ios 9 font san francisco

iOS 9 brings quite a bunch of changes, many of which we’ve been looking forward to for months. One of the biggest things that have stirred up Apple users, though is the new iOS 9 font, making the hearts of Helvetica lovers seize up.

The new font, named San Franciso, has elicited mixed reactions – as most changes do.

Personally, I am not that bothered. I think I actually do like it. For some, it may take some getting used to.

I went through Twitter to see what people think. Check out the reactions to the new iOS 9 font San Francisco.

Love it

Hate it

It looks like kerning is a main issue for people.

Then there’s “weird”.

And “ugly”.

In between

What do you think about San Francisco? To which group do you belong?

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Kossi Adzo

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  1. “Like Android fonts, it’s going to look dated in 2025.”

    “Like Android fonts, it’s going to look dated at 20:25!” 🙂

  2. Can’t really speak on the font because I haven’t installed iOS 9. I’ll wait for iOS 9.1, thanks…

    But I remember way back when postscript fonts came out with the LaserWriter. There was a rule of thumb that you would use when deciding what fonts to use:

    “If you can go there, don’t use it.”

    Apple had Geneva (Helvetica) and New York (Times Roman). Since you can go to Geneva or New York, you didn’t try to use those fonts with a LaserWriter.

    So when I hear of a font named “San Francisco,” I think, “Ooh. Better not use that.”

    By the way, as an old timer, I still remember this San Francisco font.

  3. Congratulations. You turned a very loyal Apple user for years completely off the brand with this horrible upgrade. You call the font San Francisco but it’s a glorified Comic Sans. It’s childish in appearance and makes the text almost unreadable. I feel dizzy and nauseated just trying to use it.
    Now I’m looking up how much it would cost me to pay off my phone and switch to Android as soon as I can.
    The least you could do is allow users the option to switch back to HelveticaNeue but then that wouldn’t be in Apple’s keeping — actually giving their customers a choice. Let’s hope you don’t get into the business of making cars too. Everyone would have to be on autopilot and go where you programmed the car to go. The driver doesn’t steer here.
    Horrible font. I’m through.

  4. I have to agree with Sharon Lyn. The iOS 9 font is the ugliest font ever since Comic Sans MS. Childish, ugly, and unreadable in appearance. If there ever was a font that got me completely triggered just upon the sight of it, the iOS 9 font would be it. I get triggered at the sight of it. Apple really should be ashamed of themselves. I’m glad I have switched to Android because #ScrewApple #AppleSucks
    At this point, Apple should suffer more and more because of their poor business practices. I have pledged to make myself completely free of all Apple products by the end of 2017.