Pardon Our Dust – Apple Gazette 3.0 under construction


Pardon our dust as we install Apple Gazette 3.0. The site may flicker on and off for a few minutes. Thank you for your patience. We’ll be at 100% very shortly.



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  1. I like the design. However, I think you will loose much of your Page Views with this design. Having the “stream of posts” in the home page has many advantages, which is why many blogs still use them. With your new design, you are making viewers click 4 or 5 different times to view all the latest posts. They will not ;-(

    Also, I think you need to make the small menu on top of the Home’s main post much larger. ( Top Story – Featured Review – Featured Commentary – AppleGazette Daily – AGTV ). Potentially, this is the most important menu of the home page, and it’s almost hidden! Even worse, they don’t even show on the individual blog posts ;-(

  2. @ShadZee

    I don’t think we’ll lose much in the way of page views. For people who don’t want to use the new main page layout, all they have to do is go to:

    And they can see a classic blog layout with all the latest stories on one page, just like the old design. You also have all the latest posts just one click away in the “Recent Posts” section in the right sidebar.

    I think that gives us the best of both worlds. I hope so, anyway…