Paid iOS Apps Gone Free, October 13, 2015

paid ios apps gone free

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Who’s up for some freebies? Silly question…Of course, we all are.

Here are this week’s paid iOS apps gone free.

Paid iOS apps gone free

Angry Zombies 2 HD for iPad

paid ios apps gone freeLet’s start off with a game.

Angry zombies – great match for the season, yes? This HD game will put you in the mood for some brains.

The game allows you to summon 10 zombies, each one with its own “superpowers”. For example, the Infester is the only Zombie which can infect Humans and turn Humans into Zombies. Not exactly you playing in Rick Grimes’s team, but zombie fun nonetheless.


iBomber Defense Pacific

free ios gamesHere’s another game, and while it has nothing to do with zombies, it may very well be just as awesome. Maybe even more, for it is a tower defense game.

Get ready to take the battle to the enemy and win the war! The iBomber series moves out to the Pacific as you fight a whole new enemy in an effort to secure territory on the Pacific Rim.

iBomber Defense Pacific takes tower defense to a whole new level. Feel like you’re right there and part of the incredible action as you use the new deep strategy options to protect your base. Building on the success of its predecessors, iBomber Defense Pacific has all-new tactics, all-new strategies, all-new maps, all-new weapons, and all-new enemies.

With so much to play for in iBomber Defense Pacific, you’ll never be bored. Whether it’s placing turrets, analysing the enemy attack options, perfecting your strategy, looking for hidden targets, bombing the enemy from above, repairing units, or destroying an enemy outpost you’ll always have something to do.

Tower defense has never looked so good. Luscious jungle greens, incredible water effects, jaw-dropping explosions, intricately designed vehicles and turrets come together to make on of the best looking strategy games in years.


Astropad Mini

paid ios apps gone freeTouted as a viable alternative for a Wacom tablet, the Astropad Mini is now for free.

Astropad Mini transforms your iPhone into a professional graphics tablet for your Mac. Astropad Mini couples the iPhone’s touch display with your Mac, so you can naturally draw and retouch directly into in your favorite creative tools like Photoshop, Lightroom and more.

Instead of struggling with your mouse, you can now use Astropad Mini to directly edit your photos with ease. And unlike other tools, your iPhone is always with you and so is Astropad Mini.

Use your iPhone as a portable graphics tablet for your favorite Mac photography tools including: Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, Affinity Photo, and any other Mac app you like! Whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, Astropad Mini offers the most powerful way to photo edit with your Mac.

Built for the needs of creative professionals, Astropad Mini is true to your source material with color corrected output and retina resolution. What you see on your iPhone is the same as on your Mac.


Animation Desk™ Premium

paid ios apps gone freeBring out the animator in you with this premium app. Whatever skill level you have, this ought to make doodling more fun.

Animation Desk for iPad allows users to create hand-drawn animations on iPad. The drawing interface provided by the app resembles the real working environment of a professional animator who completes each frame of an animation on a specially-designed desk, the animation desk.

Animation Desk for iPad provides an easy, friendly, and intuitive drawing environment so that everyone can enjoy creating their own animated works. Come join us to appreciate the beauty of traditional animations!

+Share your works with friends on Facebook and YouTube
+Transfer animations between different iDevicesand enjoy animating anytime, anywhere

THE STAGE IS YOURS! Simply sketchon the iPadscreen with your fingers and turn the drawings into animations in just a few steps. You will soon find yourself become the creator of your ownfantasy land.


Sand Garden

paid ios apps gone freeLast, but not the least, is Sand Garden, which is bound to calm you down whenever the stress of work gets too much.

If you’re already a fan of the idea of the Japanese sand garden, then you’ll want this virtual alternative.

If not, you ought to give it a try. It really does have a soothing effect.

Features of Sand Garden include:
• Ultra realism
• 3D modeling of the sand
• Beautiful lighting scenes (including a soothing flickering candlelight)
• A variety of random rocks
• Many sand types to choose from
• Six unique raking tools
• Save your gardens


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