New iPad Runs Up to 116 Degrees

Image source: Consumer Reports

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Image source: Consumer Reports

After numerous user comments about the third-generation iPad running hotter than its predecessors, Consumer Reports ran its own tests and found that the device is capable of reaching temperatures upwards of 116 degrees Fahrenheit (about 46.6 degrees Celsius).

It started with a comparison captured by a thermal imaging device that visually shows the temperature difference between the iPad 2 and the new iPad as about ten degrees apart. This thermal image spread fast across the net, so an Apple representative released a brief statement that basically said, the new iPad works exactly the way it’s supposed to, it’s totally safe, but hey, feel free to contact AppleCare if you don’t believe me.

So Consumer Reports did what it always does, and ran some tests of their own. Their test, which was designed to push the new iPad to its limits, measured the device’s temperature after running the game Infinity Blade II on it for forty-five minutes non-stop. The Infinity Blade franchise is known for its impressive graphics, often setting the standard that other iOS games aspire to, and the second game is optimized for use with the new retina display. Unsurprisingly, the game gave the iPad a serious workout, and Consumer Reports says that the temperature on the metal back of the device reached 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite this, Consumer Reports‘ tester notes that even at that maximum temperature, “it felt very warm but not especially uncomfortable if held for a brief period.” Perhaps of greater significance, they also discovered that the new iPad couldn’t charge from a wall plug while the game was running. Maxing out the device’s resources apparently negates its ability to recharge. But they note that as soon as they stopped playing the game, charging resumed as normal.

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  1. Will be waiting a year but the A6 will deal with any heat issues just fine.

    I for one will be happy with my iPad 2 since I do not play games on it.

    For games its my trusty i7 with 3 Nvidia GTX 580. 12 gig and 256 SSD

    Right equipment for the right job.

  2. iPad 2 was designed for retina, but as it wasn’t quiet ready they up-rated the 1 electronics/screen and fitted it to the 2 chassis. Now we’re at where we should have been last year, with the retina in the chassis designed for it. Yes, it runs hotter, but it was designed to cope with it, it doesn’t run hot, it was the old electronics in the 2 that ran very COOL! My old iBook White is running 50°C (graphics) 48°C processor, battery 35°C (my condo is 24°C) so I don’t see that the iPad 3 is running ‘hot’ at all. I felt one in the shop, much cooler than my iBook. I shall be buying an iPad sometime, using stylus’ to write a book when out at the beach etc., the long battery-life being the decider.

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