Macworld 2008: There’s something in the Air

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Ars Technica has posted the first images of banners up at the Moscone Center, and the tag line is “2008. There’s something in the air.”

What on earth could that mean?


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10 thoughts on “Macworld 2008: There’s something in the Air

  1. @Phil

    Yeah, that’s the first thing I think of too – but is that really worth making a banner over?

    I can’t really think of anything wi-fi related that would warrant that kind of banner coverage.

  2. There’s something in the air: This week Steve Jobs will announce that a scaled-down version of the new AppleTV product being introduced at MacWorld will also be available on Boeing 787 Dreamliners — and he’ll name the airlines that have signed up so far, some of which are taking delivery later this year. The special in-flight edition features a port with which passengers can also connect their iPods.

  3. @GBinHK: If that’s all that’s “in the air” then it’ll be Apple’s future that’s “in the air.” Ok, that was a little overstated, but with their stock dropping this past week, I’m hoping it rebounds at MacWorld with the release of something new. Probably iPhone/Apple TV related though…And hopefully an announcement that henceforth, all Apple products will no longer be called i-anything!! 😛

  4. Hopefully, it will in part mean that the WiFi iTunes Store will have more to offer than simply music downloads, as well as some of the movie rental stuff alluded to elsewhere.

    I wonder when we’ll see TV show and/or movies in the danish iTunes store…..

    I would love to have podcasts available in the WiFi store, but then, who wouldn’t?


  5. it either means that steve jobs will pass gas and everyone will smell it in the air or maybe it means that 3G will fly through the air to our iPhones!

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