Macworld 2008: Expo Day 2

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The second day of the Expo was actually my 4th day in San Francisco. Since I’ve been walking everywhere I go (and that’s not something I normally do quite as much back home), I really started to feel it. Soreness and blisters and all of that fun stuff.

I spent the morning exploring the West Hall where I got a chance to play Spore for a moment, and really got a good look at EA’s commitment to the Mac first hand. They had a great booth set up with some wonderful games, and it’s nice to see at least one major studio really making an effort to bring gaming back to the Mac.

I met loads of interesting companies like Parrot who has some very innovative and interesting bluetooth devices, and Skullcandy, who is really bringing some nicely designed, very different, headphones and lifestyle products to the Mac marketplace.

After lunch I headed back to the South Hall and made the rounds again to stop by some of the booths that were occupied when I passed through the day before. I even managed to meet a fellow Texan at the Rain Designs booth. There was still a ton of stuff to see again in the South Hall and I made a few more contacts that will hopefully result in increased products to review here on the site.

Afterwards I attempted to walk to the Macradio Meetup, but the closer I got to the location, the more I started to notice graphitti, broken sidewalk, creepy old buildings, and a distinct lack of businesses or people. I assume I just got lost – which would have been the only time thus far that that has happened, but after I noticed I was already 20 minutes late, and not even sure I was going the right way, I decided to head back to the Metreon for dinner. After that I plopped down at a Starbucks and paid t-mobile their 30 pieces of silver for Internet access (the only decent Internet access in the city it seems), and watched the Totally Rad Show while I waited in vain for the iPhone update to download (apparently I’m going to have to wait until I’m back in Texas before I’ll be able to try that out.

Finally, around 9pm I grabbed a taxi for the first (and last) time on my trip, and headed to the Cirque Du Mac party held at the Red Devil Lounge. It was an interesting experience filled with loud music, airbrush tattoo artists, clowns, and more loud music. I am not the biggest party guy in the world, so after a while, I headed back to the hotel and popped in a DVD of “Another You” starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor and called it a day.

I am such and old man (and I’m only 27).

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5 thoughts on “Macworld 2008: Expo Day 2

  1. Well, apart from your interesting day. I was surprised to find out that you are only 27. You have a lot going on in your life at that age. Good for you. I am 31 and I must tell you this: Cherish the next three years as much as you can. Turning thirty is a totally different feeling. This might seem odd for a comment here but may I suggest you checking out a novel by a British best selling author called ‘Mike Gayle’, it’s called “Turning Thirty”. You are guaranteed to love every minute reading it. It’s on Amazon for $10.

    Thanks Michael for the very cool and great coverage of MacWorld for us. You are doing a hell of a great job. I am now heading to check your new photo gallery.

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