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Yesterday morning I got a phone call about 10:00 am that my father had been in a truck accident. When I say truck, I don’t mean a Ford F-150 – I mean an 18 wheeler. He was the driver, and he flipped it…twice. It was a one person accident, and no other vehicles were involved.

From what I understand about the look of the vehicle, there’s really no reason he should still be with us…but he is. He has a cracked sternum, and he’s going to be living with me for the next several days. He essentially was able to walk away from this accident – but he’s pretty banged up.

As a result of this, I will not be online very much between now and Tuesday. I will be updating the site as time allows (mainly because I find it therapeutic). I know this is an off topic post, but I thought I should explain why the site will have such limited updates and why the podcast won’t be back until next week.

In all honesty everything is really great here, all things considered. For the most part he’s fine, but he needs help with certain things, and we need to do what we can to let the healing process start.

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22 thoughts on “Limited Updates – No Podcast for the rest of the week

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with both you and your father. As was already stated — he is much more important then regular updates! All of us Macheads out here will be fine for awhile. 🙂

  2. Even though I sometimes get mad when you don’t update this as frequently as other days, there is no reason for me to when something like this happens

    Hopefully everything is ok, and he recovers fine from it.

  3. I won’t be the first but I say stop updating for the rest of the week until he is better. I could care less if I don’t get the AG for a few days as you need to take care of other things. Hope he gets better.

  4. Forget the applegazette for a while. Give your father the attention he need. We will understand – take care, and best wishes for your father.

  5. “I know this is an off topic post,…”

    That may be, but it is relevant! No matter what, family comes first!

    I wish you and your family all the best. I hope your father gets well soon.

  6. Get well soon to your father and give him all the time you need.

    Wish you all the best and take some time away from AG.

  7. Michael,

    I am glad to see you are there for your dad as he was for you when you had the “boo-boo’s”. You have your priorities straight! Gods speed for a speedy recovery.



    PS-You will be missed! Hurry on back (when you can).

  8. Michael — you take as much time as you need and do what you need to do. We’re not going anywhere. Very best wishes for your Dad & your whole family.

  9. My heart is with you Michael. I just read the news. I wish your dad a speedy recovery and I hope everything get beck to normal soon.

    All the best wishes dear Michael.

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