Leaked Video Points to the iCar Coming Soon?

Talk about the iCar has been going around for so long, but a recently leaked video of iOS in the Car is a more concrete sign that iCar is coming soon. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith is credited with posting the video, together with screenshots showing how the system will look.
iOS in the Car
Basically, it’s all about a dashboard display that looks much like what we’re used to seeing every day – iOS on the iPhone or iPad.

It gives you the option to give voice commands, plus a satnav linked to the phone. Since the system hooks up to your iPhone, you can do everything you are used to doing – with the additional feature of being displayed on the dashboard.

The developer also says that “iOS in the Car feature supports multiple resolutions of external displays, touch input and hardware controls, and voice input.

Not quite the iCar, I think, but a step in that direction at the very least.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure.

How do you feel about this leak? Exciting, or you couldn’t care less?


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