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Kiss Your Disposable Income Goodbye – The ForeverGeek Kickstarter Store

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Kickstarter is a wonderful thing. Not only does it allow people to realize their dreams by having their projects and products paid for by the fans before it’s even made, but it’s also great for those of us that love to buy new, unique products and games that barely anyone has heard of before.

Funding projects on Kickstarter is great, but sometimes the funding isn’t enough and the project doesn’t go through, leaving you sad and back at square one. What if you
could still buy these products but without funding a project? Once a project is fully funded and shipping, you can just buy these like any other product, but the problem is how do you find successful Kickstarters that are open for sale?

The ForeverGeek Kickstarter Store

ForeverGeek is a website for those of us that love all things geeky and just south of mainstream. Just recently ForeverGeek started a way for you to find those Kickstarter products you love without having to wait till they’re funded: The ForeverGeek Kickstarter Store. This store is all about separating you from your disposable income in exchange for some of the coolest tech and all-around geeky products out there from Kickstarter.

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Technically speaking this isn’t a store that you’re used to, but rather a way to connect you to some amazing products ranging from new video games, a game console that fits into a USB drive, and even a 3D-printed filigree skull. How about a home automation device that works like the IFTTT web service, but in the real world? The ForeverGeek Kickstarter Store is a pretty great way to spend an hour or two and most of your money on amazing things you didn’t even know existed.

How’s It Work?

Once a product on Kickstarter is fully funded and ready to ship, the project goes from the funding stage to the selling stage. This means the company making the product, game, or service opens up their website for sales. The editors at ForeverGeek scour Kickstarter for geeky and interesting products that have reached the fully funded and shipping phase so you don’t have to worry about funding and hoping a product ships, you just buy and get the product, no hoping necessary.

Not only does the ForeverGeek Kickstarter Store showcase these awesome geeky products, but members of the site can review the products as well, giving you a little extra piece of mind before you buy them. Once you sign up for an account, you can rate products you’ve received as well.

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Along with user reviews you can share products you think your friends will like via all the standard social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. A favorites list is available as well, so you can save all those things you love until payday.


The Internet has made it easy to find amazing products, but those products are usually buried under a mountain of useless junk, effectively hiding them from most of us. ForeverGeek filtered these awesome, geeky products out and has showcased them for you to buy.

If you’re the kind of person that needs the newest, coolest thing, but hate being let down when a Kickstarter project doesn’t get funded, the ForeverGeek Kickstarter Store is for you.


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