iWork ’09 boxed version doesn’t require a serial number

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I’m not really sure this is even news – but it’s a slow day, so why not? The retail version of iWork ’09 will not require a serial number of any kind. Those that download the free trial of the software will notice that a serial number is required to activate that version of the software, but those that purchase the box version will have no such restriction.

There is no official word from Apple about why this is, but I’m sure the pirates out there will be happy that getting iWork ’09 will be easier than ever.

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3 thoughts on “iWork ’09 boxed version doesn’t require a serial number

  1. Think – Office doesn’t require a serial-number and is distributed pretty heavily on the ‘tubes. If you can get more people using iWork at home, then they might want it at the office. The office will pay for it for the user. Apple gets more sales at businesses.

    It’s a possibility.

  2. I think its just another way Apple is going against the trend of other developers. Much like OS X which doesn’t require a serial. They don’t want to burden the user, make them look for keys and then read it as they type it in, double check. It’s an annoyance. This won’t affect piraters though, most would just download it from Apple themselves. Even if it did, I think it’s good for Apple, wider install base, what’s the difference if some copies get installed for free, they give them out with every new mac anyways.

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