iWork ’09 30 Day FREE Trial Available Now

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If you’re chomping at the bit to try iWork ’09, Apple has posted a 30 Day trial of the application that you can upgrade to the full version at any time – just like with previous incarnations of the software.

So don’t worry about ordering it online and having it shipped, or stopping by an Apple store – you can get it right now.

I downloaded it last night, and spent a few minutes with it, but not enough time yet to have an opinion on if it’s worth upgrading or not. Hopefully after Macworld I can spend some time with the software and get a good look at it. Right now, it’s hard to notice much change, just glancing at it.

You can get the download here and give it a try for yourself right now.

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3 thoughts on “iWork ’09 30 Day FREE Trial Available Now

  1. I don’t want to try it right now, but can anyone tell me if you can set the default file save format to .doc or .docx instead of .pages. I don’t like to have to export my file over and over like I did with the old version when I wanted to save. Thanks!

  2. No, this is not possible. Even tho I agree with you that this would be useful in a Windows environment, I don’t miss it.

    Still, by expanding the Save As window, you can check “Save a copy as” and select Word document.

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