iTV set to launch AFTER Macworld?

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itv-protoshot-front.gifWell, it’s that time of year again, folks.  You can pretty much rule out anything but Macworld speculation between now and the big day.  Today’s bit comes from AppleInsider, who has an extensive article about what we know about Apple’s iTV so far…which isn’t much.

The article speculates on what the iTV will do based on the most credible info available, and goes on to say that the iTV will NOT be ready to launch at Macworld, but more likely the end of January or early February to work out some kinks in the software. I won’t be surprised at all if this is true…but I’ll be you anything you’ll be able to buy the iTV by the end of Macworld…even if you won’t get it in your hot little hands for another month.

One of the things that the article DOESN’T mention, is the rumored Apple/TiVo alliance that has been speculated about throughout the interweb.  I personally don’t see that happening (in fact, I sincerely HOPE it doesn’t happen…I don’t care for Tivo myself), but with Jobs and Co. anything goes…

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