iOS 4.1 For AppleTV Adds AirPlay, Voice Over

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It’s a day of updates! iOS 4.2 for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone rolled out today including updates to iWork adding multitasking support and AirPrint. Apple didn’t forget to neglect its hobby device, the AppleTV though. The media streamer was updated to iOS 4.1 enabling AirPlay and Voice Over.

AirPlay is one of the latest features included in the iOS 4.x update for Apple’s iDevice family. This allows anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (running iOS 4.2 of course) to stream their content, wirelessly to an AppleTV. In addition, Apple is enabling Voice Over support for the AppleTV. It works just like it would on a Mac; menu items are read off making navigation easier for those that need the extra accessibility options.

However, some are reporting a “bug” when using AirPlay with the AppleTV. The device only supports video from the iPod/Video App or YouTube App, anything else will only stream audio. While it’s not quite a bug, it certainly is a hurdle to truly enjoying AirPlay.

Also, John Gruber notes that video recorded in HD on the iPhone 4 will not stream to an AppleTV. Some think it may be a bandwidth issue but the same video synced back to an iPhone from iTunes will stream just fine.

“So you can show still photos from iPhone Photos app to Apple TV via AirPlay, but not videos from iPhone camera? What sense does that make?”

Via @Gruber

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