How Do I Find My Apple Watch?

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The Apple Watch is not just a useful device that you can use everyday. It also looks sleek and goes well with almost any outfit. However, most people take it off at the end of the day when they get home. It’s quite easy to misplace if you’re not that organized with your things. If it does go missing one day, don’t panic! You can use Find My to locate your Apple Watch.

How to Use Find My Apple Watch

You might be already familiar with Find My iPhone if you own an iPhone. It is an app by Apple that helps you find your missing iPhone. Find My Apple Watch is automatically enabled if you pair it with an iPhone that already has Find My iPhone set up. Similar to Find My iPhone, you can simply use this app to look for your Apple Watch in case it goes missing or gets stolen.

Find My also makes sure that your devices are protected. It features Activation Lock, which requires you to enter your Apple ID and password before you can unpair your Apple Watch. Find My will show you the approximate location of your Apple Watch using GPS and internet connection. If you have an Apple Watch Series 1, you’ll be able to locate it approximately through a Wi-Fi connection.

Locating Your Apple Watch Through Find My App

You can use either your computer or your iPhone to track your Apple Watch. If you’re using your computer, here are the steps to take on how to find your Apple Watch:

  1. Open your browser on your computer and go to
  2. Once the page opens, sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  3. Click on “Find iPhone.”
  4. Select “All Devices” and choose your Apple Watch. This should show you the approximate location of your Apple Watch on a map.

On the other hand, if you’re using an iPhone, this is what you should do:

  1. Click on the Find My app.
  2. Under the tabs section, tap on “Devices.”
  3. Choose your Apple Watch from the list. This should consequently show you the approximate location of your Apple Watch on a map.

If the approximate location of your Apple Watch shows up on the map and it’s nearby, you can make it play a sound. This will make your Apple Watch ring until you make it stop. However, if it doesn’t show up on the map, there’s a possibility that your Apple Watch is not connected to the internet.

Put your Apple Watch in Lost Mode

Now if you still can’t locate your Apple Watch using Find My, the next best thing to do is to place it on Lost Mode. Using your paired iPhone or your computer that’s signed into iCloud, you can lock your Apple Watch. You can also opt to send a message containing your contact details to your Apple Watch. That way, anyone who finds your Apple Watch will be able to contact you.

To set your Apple Watch in Lost Mode using an iOS device, here’s what you should do:

  1. Tap on Find My app.
  2. From the list of devices, choose your Apple Watch.
  3. You will find a “Mark As Lost” section. Click on “Activate” and press “Continue.”
  4. Enter your contact number and click “Next.”
  5. Input a message that will appear on the screen of your Apple Watch.
  6. Click “Activate.” You should receive a confirmation e-mail about your Apple Watch being set in Lost Mode.

If Find My Isn’t Enabled Before Losing Your Apple Watch

In case you weren’t aware, Find My is the only method you can use to track your Apple devices. As a result, if Find My wasn’t enabled before your Apple Watch went missing, there’s no way for you to locate your watch using this service. What you need to do now is to make sure that your information stays protected.

The first thing you can do is to change your Apple ID password. This prevents anyone from having access to your iCloud information. It also stops them from being able to use other services from any of your missing devices. You can also go to local law enforcement and submit a report about your lost or stolen device. If you need the serial number of your Apple Watch, you can request it through Apple Support.

Hence, when you first get your Apple Watch, have Find My enabled right away. Thanks to Find My, you can rest assured that if your Apple Watch does go missing or get misplaced, you can easily find it with just your iPhone. It truly is a helpful app just in case you misplace your Apple Watch or worse, it gets stolen. Still, it would be best to stay on top of your things and keep your Apple Watch in a safe place.

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