Has Apple forgotten about the AppleTV?

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I have a lot of Apple devices in the house. Several iPods, a few iPhones, and a desktop and notebook Mac. Each of them has been recently updated by Apple in one way or another…be it bug fixes or even a brand new OS. All of them…except that one, thin (extremely warm) little box that sits on top of my Xbox 360 (showing it who’s boss, I’m sure)…my AppleTV. This little guy hasn’t even been mentioned in converstation since the “D: All things Digital” interview earlier this year – and then it was called merely a “hobby”.

I really love my AppleTV. I use it almost everyday to watch podcasts. I think at this point I Revision 3 is the “television network” that I watch the most. The AppleTV makes it insanely easy for me to enjoy these shows. iTunes downloads them automatically, it syncs to the AppleTV automatically – and all I have to do is hit a button on my component cable switcher, and BOOM – Totally Rad Show, Tekzilla, iFanboy, and Diggnation (in HD) are all at my fingertips.

The AppleTV is one of the most used Apple products in my home. It’s actually used more frequently than the desktop Mac – but I’m afraid the little bugger has been forgotten by the folks in Cupertino.

There are rumors, of course, that iTunes is getting movie rentals…and if that happens, I’m sure the AppleTV will get a good kick in the pants, but right now it seems like the AppleTV is the black sheep of the Apple family…and that’s unfortunate.

What do you think? Is the AppleTV going down with the Newton as a good idea that just didn’t pan out, or will it be reinvigorated in the coming months with new features and services?

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13 thoughts on “Has Apple forgotten about the AppleTV?

  1. @Steve

    When the new fall season hit (and working on TVJab.com became part of my job), I got Dish Network back (which I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who will listen). I have an HDtv, and HD-DVD player, and and an Xbox 360 which does HD gaming – and I just couldn’t stand not getting the good action shows in HD.

    Of course, had I known this whole writer’s strike thing was going to happen…I would have just kept that AppleTV with iTunes.

  2. I love the *idea* of Apple TV. I think it’s revolutionary. I will buy one when:

    – I buy and HDTV (my understanding is it won’t work with my standard tv)
    – I can buy TV shows via iTMS (currently cannot in Canada)
    – I can rent movies with it (don’t buy movies because I generally only watch them once)

    Also, would be nice if it was cheaper — $150 would be about right.

  3. Well, if the Apple TV is the “black sheep” then the Mac mini must be the “deep navy sheep” of the family.

    I recently purchased an Apple TV for my kids because my daughter loves YouTube (what 12 yr old USA girl doesn’t?!) but my son always wants to play the Wii or the Mac mini’s computer games on the main TV. This allows there to be peace in the valley. It’s quite nice, especially like you state for those video podcasts.

    But movie rentals would be the “bomb” to make more people purchase this item, and change it from a hobby to a success.


  4. I love my Apple TV. Podcasts, photos and music look and sound great! And yes, I’m even finding enjoyment with the YouTube feature. But for me, the biggest plus is I can create HiDef (720p) movies with my Canon HV20 camcorder and iMovie and watch them on my 43″ plasma. Can’t do that with anything else I’ve found. Not for $300 bucks. Can’t wait for HiDef content at the iTunes store. Please Apple, don’t ignore this little gem.

  5. I think the AppleTV will get its refresh in the near future that will address this. I think the lack of updates is to help make the next one appear more significant.

    One thing I’m curious though, did you ever end up getting your cable back Mike? or you still sticking to the AppleTV + iTunes package?

    Also while your thinking about forgotten Apple products, take a look at the Cinema Displays, those bad boys are deadly overdue for an update, as is the enclosure of the Mac Pros

  6. Michael,

    Your comments are right on target. I have had an Apple TV connected to my HDTV since it was launched. Works virtually flawlessly.

    My main use is for watching video (mostly HDTV) podcasts. It is fantastic! I have 80211g and get almost no hiccups.

    I also use it to play my own videos and photo montages.

    It is terrific. One feature that would be nice would be to have the iTunes (video) playlists work on Apple TV. Right now, these are groups into the movies as a group. And, Movie-Rentals would be fantastic!

    Thanks to everyone for your comments!


  7. Don’t worry. There will be 3 huge reasons to own the AppleTV coming up soon.


    I’ll give you the most obvious: video on demand. But that’s the beginning.

  8. The AppleTV was a good start, but it could be much bigger. Consider the following:

    One set-top hub, which is the WiFi router and network hub. It also can download and store my music, TV shows, etc. And it is my PVR recorder. Plus it can sync all this onto my iPod, iPhone, etc. The latter will also be the remote for the AppleTV.

    If they can do this, they will revolutionize our homes. Come on Apple!

  9. I also use my Apple TV several hours each day playing my time delayed TV shows. I hope Apple continues to support and add new features to the Apple TV. One feature that would be nice is sub directories in the movies folder, I have lots of content that would be nice to organize into folders within iTunes movies. Anyone else??

    Mike – Founder – http://www.SwitchingToMac.com

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