Google/Apple will do “Many more Projects Together”

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google-logo.jpgChief Executive Eric Schmidt stated on Monday that Google and Apple, Inc are going to be colaborating on “many more” projects together, but did not go into specifics about what those projects might be. This statement was in response to a question about the possibility of Apple and Google working together on a tablet styled computer.

Schmidt, who sits on Apple’s Board of Directors, said (without commenting specifically on the rumor) Google and Apple are “doing more and more things together. We have similar goals, similar competitors.”


While this is the first I’ve heard of anything related to Google being involved with a Mac Tablet, it will be interesting to see where the Google/Apple alliance goes in the future.

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3 thoughts on “Google/Apple will do “Many more Projects Together”

  1. ^^ what the hell is that crap?

    Also I’m curious about the google and leopard, apple and the goog two of my favorite companies.

  2. Google can go with Apple and all the speculation if Microsoft was feared so much they wouldn’t have to throw all their efforts for to get where Microsoft already is.

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