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Well, gaming is certainly getting more active on the Mac. In the last week we’ve had Eve Online, and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean MMO released for Mac, and yesterday, Apple Insider got a close look at the latest installment in the Quake franchise, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – which is coming to the Mac in December.

The game is currently in Alpha stages, and Apple Insider has some screenshots you can check out here.

The game is set before Quake 2, and takes place in the same universe established in Quake 2 and Quake 4. It’s a multiplayer team based game that has received some good reviews on the PC side of things. The game, however, has not sold terribly well in the PC arena. A large reason for that may simply be that it has been released at the busiest time of year, and it’s been lost in the mix. A fate that can happen to good movies during the summer, and good games during the winter.

Regardless, if you’re a Quake fan, you’re going to be excited – although current Mac configurations aren’t really set up to max out the graphics on this game (or most current PC games for that matter). Your Macbook Pro will run it smoothly, but you’ll have to turn off some textures and/or shadows I would imagine.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to check this thing out soon.

😉 Aspyr 😉 (yes this is me pandering to play the game before its released)

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2 thoughts on “Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – comes to the Mac

  1. Ah man this is really exciting, im using a imac g5 duel processor, and its like RAWR, but man the gaming realm for macs is so small 🙁 i really think it needs to expand, i mean, wheres call of duty 4?! they made 1 and 2 for mac, why not 3 and 4?! so many games, counter-strike, an extremely popular pc game, which i think should be introduced for mac, however, quake wars really does seem interesting, i cant wait for it, is it possible to download this alpha version of it now?

    email me please, p_uzzy@hotmail.co.uk

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