Elgato Turbo converts your video to iPod and AppleTV format in a snap

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The device stores the conversion software for switching videos to Apple-friendly h.264, and it also has a built-in processor to do the dirty work for you. Just plug this sucker into your computer, point it in the direction of your videos, and you’ll be ready to watch your content on your TV or on your iPod in no time flat.

I’d love to get a hold of one of these for testing, but I’m having trouble finding more information out about it…in English anyway. If anyone has any good links for more info or an official company site, please leave them in the comments below.

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One thought on “Elgato Turbo converts your video to iPod and AppleTV format in a snap

  1. you’re lucky i’m german 😉 here’s a translated excerpt from macwelt.de:

    “included with the device comes a software where videos can be dragged-and-dropped onto, converting the movies into the desired format. thus, it is not neccessary to employ any additional tools usually used for this purpose.

    furthermore, a quicktime component will be installed that, when exporting files out of quicktime and all applications using the quicktime exporter, adds an additional menu entry for the use of elgatos hardware encoder.

    the pre-release version of the encoder that was given to us also supports, in addition to the quicktime player pro, imovie hd and – since it comes from the same manufacturer – elgatos eye tv 2. when looking at the two apple apps, the user can find the additional option “ipod/aplle tv (elgato turbo.264)”. here, a choice can be made between the two resolutions 320×240 and 640×480 pixels. next to that, there is also an option supporting the format of the sony psp.

    next to the apps already named here, it can be expected that quite soon, other software and utilities will be able to use elgatos hardware encoder. any program using the quicktime exporter is already now able to access the turbo.264 for hardware encoding.

    in recent months, a lot of developers have been using the ffmpeg utilities instead of the slower quicktime encoder. but after the presentation of elgatos hardware, many of them will quite probably re-include the quicktime option. also, tools like toast titanium or popcorn should profit from the new hardware.

    thanks to the included software, it is easy for the user to convert files of all the usual formats. the user does not have to own the quicktime player pro for this.”

    and that’s all, since reading the second page is only possible if you have a “premium account” or whatever. so, no word on the actual effectiveness of the device, price or a specific date. as for the manufacturer’s homepage, i’m sure you already figured that one out – it’s elgato.com, but there is no official word of the device there yet, i think.

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