Don’t get excited – but the Apple Store’s down


Thanks for the emails guys.

It looks like the Apple store is down as of 12:45 CST. It’s probably nothing to get excited about, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for there to be any new products this close to Christmas – but you never know.

Update: The store is back up – nothing really changed that I can see. Not really sure why the store went down – you think they could keep that from happening during the daytime.

If there is anything worth talking about when the store comes back online, you can rest assured, we’ll cover it here.



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  1. I think apple store was down because they were doing some work on update delivery for christmas
    PS: More info on

  2. Seems to be ok now – but during that downtime, my email wasn’t working – (.mac) no smtp server – maybe it was related…