Deal of the Day: IDrive Online Backup Solution [75% OFF]

For most of us, iCloud is the default backup solution – and understandably so. It’s one of the prime examples of the Apple ecosystem, which connects everything so you don’t have to worry about compatibility and the hassle of manual tasks if you don’t want to.

One can’t deny that iCloud is convenient, albeit not immune to security breaches – as we know all too well.

On the other hand, Apple has lowered its iCloud pricing plans, so that’s another plus.

But what if you’ve got an alternative that promises more? And what if you need an online backup solution for your non-Apple devices?

Then you should check out our deal of the day – or month.

As much as we love Apple, we’re open to looking at other solutions as long as they are worth our while.

IDrive Online Backup Solution Features

idrive verticalWe’ve partnered up with IDrive, a new online backup solution, which has some interesting features that may very well make it a more feasible option than iCloud.

Multiple Device Backup

With a single account, you can backup unlimited PCs, Macs, iPads, and Android devices. If you’ve got a collection of gadgets, then this is the handiest solution for you.

Military-Grade Encryption

Transfer and store your files with 256-bit AES encryption using a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers.

Online File Sync and Real-Time Backup

Your files and folders will be synced in real time across all the devices that you link using IDrive. More so, IDrive automatically detects changes in backups and makes modifications on the fly.

Social Media Files Backup

For heavy Facebook and Instagram users who would likely have a heart attack if their photos were lost for some reason, IDrive has got your back. The online backup solution makes it easy to back up your Facebook photos and videos, as well as those which are tagged by your friends.

The same goes for Instagram, which also allows you to backup data from different Instagram accounts conveniently.

iDrive Pricing

Of course, pricing plays a role in deciding what online backup solution you go for. Apple’s new Cloud pricing scheme is great: $0.99/month for 50GB, $2.99/month for 200GB, and $9.99/month for 1TB.

If you compute that in an annual basis, though, you’ll be paying: $11.88 (50GB), $35.88 (200GB), and $119.99 (1TB).

Suddenly, that seems rather expensive, doesn’t it?

That’s where IDrive has another edge: its pricing scheme is very competitive.

idrive online backup solution

Compare the 1TB plan at $44.62.


But there’s something even sweeter – the deal that IDrive is offering to AppleGazette readers. Instead of $44.62, you only pay $14.88.

That’s 75% off!

Black Friday’s arrived early for you.

Just click on the image below, and you’ll be on your way to 1TB of cloud storage for less than a week’s worth of coffee from Starbucks.

idrive online backup solution

Note: This discount applies to the first year only. Normal pricing will apply in the following years if you decide to continue your subscription.

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