Black Friday Deal Alert: Huge Savings on Totallee Thin iPhone Cases

Thin iPhone cases are among the most popular types of cases because they keep our sexy phones as sleek as possible while providing protection.

There are makers aplenty, but one of our favorites is Totallee. They have been making thin iPhone cases since the early 2010s, and we’ve consistently used them on various iPhone models. What can we say – we love them for their sturdiness and for keeping our iPhones sexy.

Totallee has cases for a variety of iPhones, and of course, with the iPhone 12 available, they have new offerings as well. Their cases are affordable as they are, but with Black Friday, you can get your hands on them for a nice 30% discount. Simply use code DEAL4BFCM, which is valid until November 30 at the Totallee store.

Here are some of their cases for a sneak peek.

Don’t miss out this sale. Dress up your iPhone with a thin Totallee case.


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