AppleTV USB Hack now available…if you meet some very specific requirements…

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product-product.jpgIf you haven’t noticed, I don’t write much about the “hacking” aspect of Apple products. I’m just not into it. I use my Apple products every day, and as history will show you on this site, I have had problems from time to time. I’m not interested in voiding my warranty by jacking with the inner working of my AppleTV, or going through 600 steps to put a custom ringtone on my iPhone. I left the Windows world years ago because I was tired of tinkering with those damned beige boxes….so I like my Apple stuff to just work.

Just my opinion. I don’t have anything against hacking these things, I just don’t write about it much.

I do have to say though, at first – I was interested in the AppleTV USB hack. I’ve thought since day one that Apple should have that USB port active and that I should be able to stick some external storage into it. There is a lot about the AppleTV that doesn’t make sense (like the whole, it’s for HD tvs, yet has no HD content, thing), but that has been one of the most baffling things about the unit to me.

After I got to reading about the USB Hack, though, I decided I better not mess with my primary means of television entertainment right now. It turns out that the hack only works on AppleTVs running the 1.0 version of the software, and you have to have an Intel Mac to get the hack running (so no Windows users and no PowerPC users). The guys behind it are trying to get help to make the hack work a little better, but I’ll wait for Apple to unlock the thing (if they ever do).

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