Apple’s teaser ad hints at a 13.3″ aluminum Macbook

BB Gadgets has taken a closer look at the teaser image Apple released yesterday – and it looks like it could be one of the most revealing teaser images Apple has ever given us.

If you take a look at the image above you can see what Rob at Boing Boing did. He took the size of the Apple logo on his Macbook Pro, and used it as a measuring stick to determine the size of the Macbook in the image.

Based on his calculations it would suggest a 13.3″ diagonal display. The edges of the notebook, however, clearly rule out the Macbook Air. So what else could it be, but the new Macbook?

We’ll know for sure next Tuesday.



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  1. im sorry but that is not a 13.3 inch Macbook…i am using one right now…and unless the apple logo is smaller it will not fit 4 on each side of the center one on my Macbook…so i dont think this is a Macbook…i think it is a sub-notebook with about a 9-10 inch screen and a smaller !

    the MACBOOK MINI or MACBOOK NANO…whatever you call it…it doesnt matter the fact is apple needs to get into this sub-notebook market and an $800 mini macbook will take it all by storm…and no one will be able to compete…unless you are really really poor and you will have to get a 400 cheapie…but why would you even spend that money on a computer if you are that poor

    now i may be wrong and i have been b4…but at least i am putting it out there in print…make fun of me if you wish

  2. Actually I’m using a Macbook right now too and I measure it to be 4 apples as well. So it looks like they’ve finally made the MacBook Aluminum.