Apple TV Might Have Built-in TV Tuner

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Have you looked at the Apple Store lately? If so, you probably noticed the major changes they have added to the site. There is, as can only be expected, the hullabaloo about the upcoming Hallmark holiday about love (and if you missed this, I am sure you got emails from Apple anyway). But there is more!
Apple TV
There is now a dedicated section for the Apple TV, which only bolsters the rumors about the box coming soon. More than having its own section in the Store, though, Apple TV seems to have a lot of things going on.

For one, they say that the new device will be combining the Apple TV and AirPort Express products. If sources can be trusted, the new Apple TV will have an integrated 802.11ac wireless router. (Since our good old AirPort Express might be in its last days, this is good news for people like me, actually.)

We’ve already talked about how the new Apple TV is focusing on gaming, and that’s also something to be excited about.

What’s missing here?

Something actually related to TV!

And guess what?

Apple seems to have things under control in this regard – the news is that the new Apple TV box will have a built-in TV tuner component. This means that it will allow you to control your cable TV!

Yep, things are looking better and better for the new Apple TV.


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3 thoughts on “Apple TV Might Have Built-in TV Tuner

  1. Apple TV having a tuner built-in has nothing to do with its potential ability to control your cable TV.

    In fact, just the contrary: the tuner would allow an Apple TV to capture over the air signals. If Apple let you record those and store those on a Time Capsule, and then access that Time Capsule via Back to My Mac, you have an instant “personal cloud” storage and access to your recordings on your Apple TV, iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc. from anywhere inside or outside the house.

    And bypass your cable company altogether.

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