Apple stops shipments of Mac Minis

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According to Gizmodo Apple has apparently stopped shipping new units of Mac Minis to retailers. The two major European retailers who are cited as the primary sources also note that they have both been told not to expect any future shipments — which pretty much kills the idea that this is going to lead to a refresh.

The last time the Mini was updated was Nov of last year, and while I would like to think that this all means that we’ll be getting a Mac Nano in the near future (I mean they did just FINALLY release an updated display) – but it’s far more likely that this is the end of the road for the consumer Mac that isn’t an All-in-One.

We may hear something about this today on the quarterly conference call which will be held today at 2:00 PT/5:00 ET. You can listen to it here.

I’ll be very sad to see the Mini go. It was my first Mac – and without it, this blog would not exist. Ye will be missed little fella. *sniff*

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5 thoughts on “Apple stops shipments of Mac Minis

  1. oh hell no!

    that is craziness to discontinue the Mac Mini…i think they need to revamp it big time but to get rid of it is insane…but it could very well lead to a new line of midrange…or even something with the size of the cube but more functionality like the mini…using laptop insides instead of desktop insides…and the ability to ad or delete components like a Mac Pro…this is a sad day…

    or maybe there will an TV/Mac Mini combo coming out soon…that would be nice…then you could hook up an EyeTV to it and make it a DVR too…that would be hot

  2. With regard to the “don’t expect any more” – that could easily be a cross-langugage/cross-cultural misinterpretation.

    To me the question is minor refresh or major overhaul?

  3. I really want them to update the Mini… I want to switch to the Mac but I don’t have the money to buy anything like an iMac or a MacBook so the Mini would be perfect for me. I really wanted them to update it before Christmas so I could get it then. If Apple didn’t have the Mini I think their base price for a Mac would be too high.

    Come on Apple! I want to switch!

  4. Well it’s good I bought one when I did. Apple Needs this market sector, so I am wondering just what the Hell is going on. Because for me Price was a factor! And in future this means any other macs will have to be Bought the old way, as old from Ebay. Which is often quite frustrating as the mac you have just bid on gets snached away in the last second, for 50 Cent more than your top offer!
    I can only plead with apple to make a replacement of some type in this price class, so I too have the choice of buying new.

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